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Car Boot Mobility Scooters

Commonly referred to as "Boot Scoots", "Portable Mobility Scooters" or "Travel Mobility Scooters". Perfect for day-trips and driving to the local shops. The key features are that foldable mobility scooters can be taken apart in sections. Usually the seat, batteries and the rear section are detachable. Foldable mobility scooters can be taken onto airplanes, although you should check if the airline your travelling with caters for mobility scooters.


minils sm   Aerolite-Plus sm   Apex01 sm   Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller
Kymco Mini LS   One Rehab Aerolite   Pride Apex Rapid   Pride Go-Go
 Pride LX sm    elite traveller plus sm    Pride Sport sm    
Pride Go-Go LX   Pride Go-Go Plus   Pride Go-Go Sport    
 drive scout mobility scooter sm    Roma Whisper    Sterling Little Gem 2    Sterling Little Star
Drive Scout    Roma Whisper   Sterling Little Gem   Sterling Little Star 
 Sterling Pearl    Sterling Sapphire 2    Shoprider Paris    Shoprider Valencia
 Sterling Pearl    Sterling Saphire 2   Shoprider Paris
  Shoprider Valencia 
 TGA Eclipse            
 TGA Eclipse            


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