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Large 8mph Mobility Scooters

Top of the range large 8mph mobility scooters, otherwise known as class 3 mobility scooters or heavy duty mobility scooters, are ideal for longer ranges and will accomodate rough terrain. The performance mobility scooter will travel at 4mph and can, at the press of a button, increase the speed to 8mph. Road use of this class of mobility scooter is possible, although it is worth noting that 4mph is the legal speed for pavement use. The DVLA have instructed that a road fund tax disk must be applied to all 8mph mobility scooters, however there is no charge levied for this.

DM ambassador sm   Cobrared sm   Drive Medical Regatta Mobility Scooter sm
Drive Medical Ambassador   Drive Medical Cobra    Drive Medical Regatta 
Freerider Kensington sm   Komfi Rider 6000D sm    Kymco Super 8 
Freerider Kensington   Komfi-Rider 6000D    Kymco Super 8

Pride Colt Deluxe


Pride colt excutive sm


Pride Colt XL8

Pride Colt Deluxe


Pride Colt Executive


Pride Colt XL8

Roma Cadiz Mobility Scooter


Roma Cordoba Mobility Scooter


Shoprider Torino

Roma Cadiz


Roma Cordoba


Shoprider Torino

 Sterling Diamond Mobility Scooter


Sterling Elite XS Mobility Scooter sm


TGA Breeze 3 Mobility Scooter

Sterling Diamond


Sterling Elite XS


TGA Breeze 3

 TGA Breeze 4 Mobility Scooter


TGA Mystere Mobility Scooter


TGA Sonet sm 

 TGA Breeze 4


TGA Mystere


TGA Sonet

 TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter


 TGA Vita

   LandrangerXL8 sm

 TGA Supersport


 TGA Vita

   Landranger XL8
 FR1 sm        


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